Off Limits - Episode 1
by Brandi Reeds
Hello, gorgeous.
I’ve been wanting to text you all day.
But I couldn’t risk getting turned on at work 😉
Please delete my number.
After last night?
The fire escape?
You know that was hot.
Those lacy thigh-highs…God, those were great.
You need to forget that happened.
You know why.
Because Kim is my best friend.
But Kim and I broke up!
And SHE dumped ME.
But she’d hate me if she knew what happened between us.
So Kim and I dated for a few months.
And now the rest of our future is in the palm of her hand?
She decides who we can and can’t see?
In this case, yes.
We made a pact in high school: We don’t date guys the other one has dated.
I told you about that last night. It’s what we always do.
But what if we’re the next big thing?
And what if we’re not?
And I’ve trashed a lifelong friendship?
For some guy who turned out not to be worth it?
Believe me, I’m worth it.
You know we were amazing together.
Amazing or not, it was a mistake.
Will you have dinner with me tonight?
What did I just tell you?!
Plus I’m meeting Kim for happy hour.
What if I just happened to meet you there?
She’ll take one look at us together and know.
Why would she care?
She’s seeing someone else.
That’s not the point.
That’s not why we have this rule.
I’ve been thinking about you all day.
That birthmark on your left hip.
Kissing you in the rain.
Damn, girl.
Please delete this conversation.
It was hands down the best sex I’ve ever had.
On a fire escape, that is 😉
Yes, it was great.
But it was also wrong.
What if we keep this between us for a while?
If it’s just sex, Kim doesn’t have to know.
We have a little fun—
And no one gets hurt.
If it turns into more, and she isn’t happy for you, then she’s not worth it.
No. I can’t keep something like this from Kim.
Did you tell her about last night?
Then you’re already keeping something from her.
Talk later?
Ten minutes later, Jacey gets out of her Uber.
And enters the crowded Frayed Knot Pub.
She walks through and scans for Kim but doesn’t see her.
Then she goes to the bar and takes the last available stool.
I’ll have a whiskey and diet, please.
She hears a familiar voice behind her.
Put it on my tab, barkeep.
How did you get here so fast?
I came straight from work.
You look incredible. That dress is kickin’.
You obviously know my happy hour of choice.
Wasn’t too tough to guess.
A little over six months ago
This is where I first met you, remember?
And last night, you practically dared me to meet you here after work.
Blame it on the whiskey.
We can’t do this.
Kim will be here any minute now. You should go.
I like this bar. I have fond memories of this place.
Right over there, in that corner booth…
That’s where I sent an Irish Coffee to warm you up on Saint Patrick’s Day.
The day we met.
I can’t do this. Kim’s like family.
I’m not asking for an invitation to Christmas dinner.
My place this time. Meet me after last call. No risk. Big reward.
I can’t lose her as a friend.
Say, midnight?
Say, never.
She slides a ten toward Ty.
For my drink.
Ty slides it back.
God, I can’t stop thinking about those panties.
Peeling them off your drenched body…
I’m officially ignoring you.
And that bra. Wow.
It was a bad decision.
It’s been a long time since I felt like this.
Jacey rolls her eyes.
At least since Kim.
Hey, I came up to YOU that first night we met.
You had a boyfriend, but I wanted YOU all along.
That can’t be right.
No one chooses me over Kim.
That’s not true.
You were shivering. There was snow in your hair.
There was snow in Kim’s hair, too.
But Kim wasn’t wearing over-the-knee green suede boots and a plaid miniskirt.
You remember what I was wearing?
And Kim didn’t have a pile of hair clipped up and falling around her face.
Your cheeks were so pink.
From the cold.
I saw YOU first.
But then your tower of a boyfriend showed up.
And the rest is history.
That’s a convenient twist of the truth. You were into Kim right away.
I was NOT.
Let’s leave now. Before she gets here.
No. She’s already on her way.
The bartender arrives with the drink.
I’m trying to do the right thing.
We screwed up royally last night—
We did SOMETHING royally last night.
But she’s still my best friend, and you’re still off limits.
There’s nowhere to go in the crowded bar.
Jacey turns her back to Ty and sips her whiskey.
Ty playfully nudges her but she doesn’t respond.
Feeling nervous, Jacey drains the drink too quickly and turns to order another.
You’ve got me so rattled, you’re literally driving me to drink.
Do me a favor.
Go to the ladies room. Take off your panties.
Yeah. Like THAT’S gonna happen.
In my experience, you’re more relaxed when you’re not wearing panties.
What makes you think I’m wearing any now?
But say I am. I take off my panties in the ladies room. Then what?
Then you think about me every time you feel a little thrill down there.
And what do you get out of it?
The knowledge that you’re thinking of me.
I don’t need more than that.
And maybe later, when you’re not thinking about Kim’s best interests, but your own, you give me a call.
I send a car and bring you back to my place.
Take you up to my rooftop. Lay you down.
Kiss every interesting part of you until the sun comes up.
And maybe even spend tomorrow wrapped up in you.
God, just thinking about it—
Jacey gets a text.
Walking in
Where ru?
Jacey turns back to Ty.
Kim just walked in.
She can’t see us together.
Ty shoves a card into her hand.
What’s this?
I’ll respect your space. I’ll leave.
But if you change your mind, call this number.
It’s my favorite Uber driver. He’ll bring you to my place.
It’ll be our little secret.
Do you have to be this irresistible?
So what’s the status on the panties? Or lack thereof?
Jacey winks as Ty steps away from the bar.
You’ll have to wait until last call.